Bingo Night at the LGS Madrid Argensola!

The first Bingo night at the LGS Argensola was a great success! The euphoria took hold of each and every Lomographer present, do you want to relive the moment? Read on…

Friday, December 16th, 2011. The first Christmas Bingo Night at the LGS Argensola starts, the Lomographers and attendees, though a little shy, bought their first tickets.

Credits: lomographyargensola

The Bingo callers took their places, Silence at the game floor, we’ll start! The first line took a while, the impatience took hold of everyone, but soon: Line! And the euphoria broke out, there was no turning back.

Credits: lomographyargensola

The adrenaline flowed and you could hear the fast moving pencils swift to mark each number called. And then.. Bingo! Ladies and gentlemen, we heard Bingo! Who is the lucky winner?

Credits: lomographyargensola

And just like that, we played ticket by ticket, glass after glass we drank sparkling wine, and bite by bite we ate roscón. The tombola didn’t stop and the excitement kept growing. Oh my god, We love Bingo and we didn’t know until now! Look at the Bingo-lovers in action:

And now these are the faces of the lucky winners:

Credits: lomographyargensola

This was the first Lomography Bingo night in LGS Argensola, but we promise you will not be the last so don’t worry!

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translated by makny

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