UK CitySlicker Georgia: A Dark and Subtle Christmas in Norwich


Most students appreciate Christmas for the four week relief it usually brings. The build-up before the holidays seems (to me, at least) the busiest time of the year, and I’m not talking about Christmas shopping! How about Christmas in the library?

Credits: rockyrelay

Name: Georgia
Age: 19
School/University: University of East Anglia
City, Country: Norwich, UK

Picture the disaster. Three 2,500 word essays are due in the last week of term. You’re just about to start, nice and prepared, allowing time to celebrate when it’s all over. Suddenly, only moments after putting up your 2-foot Christmas tree, your laptop breaks down before your very eyes. No explanation, it just fails. What a sorry state of affairs, and this Christmas, it happened to me.

My friends had all finished; people all over my social networks were going off to their Christmas parties and end of semester bashes. I was, however, stuck in the library: valiantly fighting for a spare computer in the 24 hour IT area, and searching for the water machine. Joy, joy, joy!

Nevertheless, I was not about to let this tarnish my Christmas! Celebrations were to be had, even if it meant doing my research by the Christmas lights. Most of the big Christmas club nights had gone and a bazaar had passed. Norwich had to offer some other Christmassy affair!

My girlfriend and I came up with a plan to have a Christmassy Evening. It wouldn’t involve any damage to our bank accounts, we could avoid drunken elves and vomiting santas, and we would get to fully appreciate Norwich’s twinkling decorations. This may seem boring to some, but for us it was the perfect gentle end to the most stressful month of the year (including exams!) Besides, we saved a fortune on drinking at home!

Norwich Town Hall.

We first decided to mooch around Norwich’s famous market. It is a radiance of colour during the day, and the festivities have brought the gleam to the evening. Unfortunately, my camera is not a fan of the dark, but the little twinkles of Christmas lights give a perfect impression of the quaintness of Norwich.

Norwich Market at night.
Credits: rockyrelay

Even the churches had decked their halls with boughs of holly!

Recognised, if only by the stained glass windows!
Jarrolds Department Store.

As expected, the Norwich lanes looked as sweet as ever. There were some Christmas shindigs happening at a few of the arty pubs and bars there, but unfortunately they were all after I had gone back home to London – typical!

Pretty, pretty!

After a few hours braving the cold we relaxed the tourist act and went home. Only to have our miniature Christmas party! There were festive napkins, crackers, carrots, baileys, gin, vodka, wine, all topped off with the Matrix trilogy. Oh yeah, we know how to live! If my luck couldn’t get any worse, the only photo evidence of this part of the evening is a side of the table. The rest were mercilessly destroyed because of a temperamental flash!

Still, a little holly visible.

Next month will be full of analogue beauties, I promise! Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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  1. minima77
    minima77 ·

    Nice photos, and it's good to know I'm not the only lomographer in Norwich :)

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