Staff Review: Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator


I believe (and I know many will agree with me) that pinhole photography is something that every photographer should try, regardless of skill level or chosen field of specialty. There's something utterly fascinating with taking photographs without lens and at extended durations. It's basic yet unconventional, and eerie yet magical at times. You can make yourself a simple pinhole camera with everyday objects, or you can shoot with the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator and take some unique pinhole photos.

Like some Lomographers who came across this camera, the first question I had in mind when I decided to try the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator was, "What makes it different from the pinhole function of the Diana F+?" The first clue I got was the switch underneath that allowed me to choose between one, two, or three pinholes. Next, I was handed some color gels to attach in front of the pinhole/s. The last clue came to me when I peered through the viewfinder and noticed that it appears to be with a wide-angle lens. I read the technical specifications and it said that it has a focal length of 29 mm.

Wait a minute--I had multi-pinholes (where the camera got its name, obviously), color gels, and wide-angle. I knew I was in for a unique pinhole experience. So I loaded it with ISO 400 films (Kodak Portra 400 NC and Fuji Pro 400H) and took photos everywhere: in the office, outside the office, during an exhibit set-up, a restaurant, at a backyard. I shot day and night, indoors and outdoors, single pinholes and multi-pinholes, with and without color gels. When I saw my photos below, I was blown away!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

I feel like I had only scratched the surface with my meager experiments using this amazing pinhole camera. I will definitely try other advanced, mind-blowing techniques (such as the one suggested by mephisto19) and other compatible Diana accessories!

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Credits: plasticpopsicle

The Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator allows you to choose from 1, 2, or 3 pinholes on a shot. Paired with colour gels, there’s no end to your medium format pinhole fun! Get your own Diana Multi Pinhole Operator now!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-12-20 #gear #pinhole #pinhole-photography #review #lomography #diana #diana-multi-pinhole-operator #staff-review

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