LomoAmigos of November: SWU Music Festival Production Crew

November was the month of music in Brazil. Dozens of festivals and music concerts happened through out the country. And of course, Lomography couldn’t stay outside this. So we invite the Production Crew of the SWU Music Festival to make a analogue coverage of the backstage work. Take a look and discover how difficulty is organize one of the biggest music festivals of Brazil.

With the word, Marcelo Falcão, the Production Director of the Festival.

Falcão, before we start to talk about the festival, tell us a little bit about your relationship with the music and how you ended up working in this area:

I started in this business half unintentionally. I’ve worked with music since 1999 but it was in the electronic scene. I organized weekly nights at clubs in São Paulo and I also was the owner of two Raves Festivals, who taught me a lot about production, ’cause you can imagine how difficulty is bring eletricity to the middle of nowhere and make a rave party…. rsrsrs. In 2004 I started working in the production of shows.

My first tour ever was with a music legend, George Benson. This experience got me even more excited about my new career. And after this i kept making one show after another until today. I was very lucky because I had a teacher named Nico Gomes a Brazilian legend in show business that still gives me knowledge in all areas of the event … the funny thing is that working with an event is a lifelong learning process.

You can never predict the problems, because of this we tend to say that anyone who says “the event was a success” is always lying because there are always some internal problems that end up not being showed to the audience but are resolved in the best way to give the best show for the public.

I saw pictures of you in the roof of the Maracanã Stadium, inside the Iron Maiden airplane among many others. I Know it’s hard to pick just one, but in your opinion which tour or festival you most liked to work?

I’m suspect to talk, because I am a big fan of the band. But being with Iron Maiden in Chile was without doubt the best show I’ve ever seen. It was a lot of power concentrated in one place. Another good experience was the show of the Rage Against the Machine SWU in 2010, it was impressive even with several problems that happened during the show.

Now let’s talk about the SWU Music Festival. In this second edition how many people went to see the three days of shows?
The Paulinia Arena received around 150 thousand people in the 3 days of festival.

Regarding the production of the event. How many professionals have worked to ensure that everything went as planned?

Around 4,000 to 4,500 direct and indirect professionals who worked for months. Hopefully in the end almost everything went as planned in the three-day festival.

What do you and your team thought of the possibility of shooting the backstage scenes and the daily work with the Lomography cameras?

The Lomo was a success among the teams. We have some funny situations, some guys everyday argued to see who would take pictures and get the cameras. But in the end, everyone had fun with it always ends up a good experience because the fun of the analogue cameras is that you get really curious to see the results.

To finish leave a message for the people who is a fan of music and who also wants to work in this area of production shows.

In this area, you have to be prepared for sleepless over nights and work very, very much. But in the end when the event finish, the fulfillment and joy of knowing that your work contribute to that giant spetacle happen is priceless. Of course, like any other profession you have to love what you are doing.

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