If You Wanna Be...A World Record Setter!

The only records you are probably thinking about are personal ones that involve food. Others, around the world, had different ideas and a much larger (no, not waistband) agenda! From large gatherings to everything Christmas tree related. Read on after the jump to find out who wanted a Guinness World Record for Christmas!

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Each image in the above gallery corresponds with the order of the list below.

1. Most Lights on a Christmas Tree

150,000 is the blinking amount! This feat was achieved by the German television station RTL in Cologne in 2006, at the Cologne Cathedral. The annual lighting of the RTL-ChariTree is to raise money for the “We help children” charity.

2. Largest Gathering of Santas

Dressed as Santa Claus or as Santa’s helpers, the Northern Irish city, Derry City, saw 12,965 people gathered in a town square to break the world record in 2007! And this was another event organized in the name of charity!

3. Largest Group of Carolers

This record has had many contenders since! But the 7,514 carolers that turned out at Bob Jones University, South Carolina in 2004 are the verified, world record holders! We hope they all don’t all show up on our doorstep at once…actually, that’s probably an impossibility.

4. Longest Chain of People Pulling Christmas Crackers Consecutively (and the longest describtion of the records on this list!)

This one just in! The longest Christmas cracker pulling chain involved 566 people and…what’s that…283 crackers! The participants assembled at the UK headquarters of Vodafone in Berkshire, on 1 December, 2011!

5. Largest Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Phew! Even if you are usually good at guessing your secret Santa we don’t suppose you’d crack the code under these circumstances! 1,270 people took part in this game! Who doesn’t love the sight of people shoving presents in the faces of others, looking like they are trying to get rid of them as if they were lumps of coal! This event took place in 2008 at the headquarters of the UK chemists, Boots, in Nottingham.

6. Most Consecutive Christmas No. 1 Singles

1960s Beatlemania meets 1990s Spicemania! Both British groups have had 3 consecutive Christmas No. 1 singles. In order, beginning in 1964, the Beatles’ hits were: ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’, ‘I Feel Fine’, and ‘Day Tripper/We Can Work it Out’. And, starting in 1996, the Spice Girls’ hits were: ‘2 Become 1’, ‘Too Much’, and ‘Goodbye’!

7. Most Fairy Lights on Residential Property

We can only imagine how magical this setting must have been! Maybe not so magical for any competitive neighbors whose hopes, at winning the ‘best decorated house on the block’, were dashed! This record is held by the Richards family, in Australia. It took them 4 years to decorate their above with 331,038 lights! No wonder it took that long!

8. Most Expensive Decorations on Christmas Tree

The Swiss, luxury watch brand, Piaget holds the record for the most expensively decorated Christmas tree. Put-up in Japan, It was decorated, in 2002, with see-through balls that encased Piaget watches, and jewelry, that amounted to over 16 million USD!

9. Largest Star as a Christmas Tree Decoration

The Indian property company, An Apple A Day, created and erected the largest star ornament in 2009, with a height of 31.59 meters!

10. Largest Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stockings are associated with children, so it may not be a surprise that the world’s largest Christmas stocking belongs to ‘children’! The charity, the Children’s Society in the UK made the red and white stocking, in 2007, that measured over 30 meters long and about 15 meters wide!

11. Largest Advent Calendar

The sounds of locomotive engines and whistles blowing at a London railway station are historical sounds indeed. Though, to mark the renovation and modernization of the London St Pancras railway station, an Advent Calendar, measuring over 70 meters high and over 20 meters wide, was built in 2007!

12. Largest Collection of Santa Memorabilia

Santa, all I want for Christmas this year is…you! One Canadian likes the color of red and white so much that he has a whole collection of, no, not ice hockey jerseys, but Santa Claus memorabilia! As of 2010, Jean-Guy Laquerre had precisely 25,104 different items in his extensive collection that includes figurines, cards and even napkins!

13. Oldest Christmas Tree

It’s a bit shriveled, but the oldest Christmas tree is allowed to be! Especially since it’s never without its makeup decorations anyways! Janet Parker of the UK owns the small, potted, tree as it belonged to her Great Aunt, and was purchased in 1886!

14. Most Valuable Christmas Card

Illustrator John Calcott Horsley is actually credited with designing the first Christmas card, shown in the gallery above. In 2001 a card that was originally sent from Sir Henry Cole (the man said to have been responsible for the commercialization and sending out of cards during Christmastime) to his grandmother in 1843, fetched 20,000 British Pounds at an auction!

15. Most Santas Distributing Gifts Simultaneously

3,939 santas gathered in the Constitutei Square in Romania’s capital, Bucarest, equipped with presents, to achieve a world record! They didn’t pelt them at each other, or anything of that nature, but instead distributed the gifts to people in the city, spreading the cheer while parading in their bright outfits! Let’s just hope the young children who were anticipating one Santa, in the middle of the night, weren’t too confused!

This long (but not world record long) list was inspired by the Telegraph’s list.

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