How to Use the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder


The LomoKino Smart Phone Holder is a brand new accessory for the LomoKino. It allows you to digitalize your LomoKino movies directly from the LomoKinoScope using any smartphone. Read on to find out exactly how to use it!

To attach the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder to the LomoKinoScope, remove the rubber hood of your LomoKinoScope by pulling it out (you may need to use a little force to get it off).

  • Flip out and hold the Fixture Plate of the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder.
  • Fit the LomoKinoScope lens into the opening of LomoKino Smart Phone Holder, and push it all the way down.
  • Push the Clamp Release Button; the clamp will be extended to its maximum width.
  • Put your smartphone in between the clamp and face your smartphone’s camera towards the LomoKinoScope lens.
  • Adjust the clamp until you smartphone is firmly attached to the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder.
  • Switch your smartphone to “movie recording mode”.

To align your smartphone camera lens and the LomoKinoScope’s lens, shift the Clamp Base vertically and your phone horizontally. Once they are aligned you should be able to see the frame centered on your smartphone’s screen.

Simply start recording a movie on your smartphone and turn the crank of LomoKinoScope. Your movie is now being digitalized!

To release your phone after you’ve finished recording, just press the Clamp Release Button.

Will the Smart Phone Holder work with my Smartphone?

The LomoKino Smart Phone Holder has been tested with the following devices so far:

  • Iphone 3S white
  • Iphone 4 white/black
  • Iphone 4 silver back
  • Samsung Galaxy S II white
  • Sony Ray black

Moreover, we are confident that the product should work with all smartphones which have the camera in the upper side / corner of the device and movie record button on the front of the phone.

Read more about the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder

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  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Wow, would almost be work going out and getting the hold and a smart phone. Rather then cutting up each frame on the computer.

  2. panchoballard
    panchoballard ·

    I tested this and think it's a great idea. Really easy to use and quick to transfer your movies over to digital. I'll be using my LomoKino a lot more from now on!

  3. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Sounds like a great thing to have if you have a LomoKino! :)

  4. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    I thought it was an amazing idea, but when I saw the sample I found the result pretty dizzying... Literally.

  5. speezberry
    speezberry ·

    Cool as chicken nuggets on my birthday!!!

  6. ricomion
    ricomion ·

    NAH! Aren't be supposed to be part of a film revolution?! *thumbs down*

  7. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @ricomion - Thanks for your comment but the smart phone holder is no more digital than scanning your photos, which everyone in the Lomography online community already does to show their shots here - All the smart phone holder does is let's you make a version of your analogue movie that you can share digitally online - kind regards

  8. ricomion
    ricomion ·

    I still think that as long as there is an actual film behind the scanned photos we're talking about film photography. Scanning them is just a way to show them to a broder - massive - group of people.
    No film : no lomo
    This is just my opinion ;)

  9. geiza_dobashi
    geiza_dobashi ·

    What about a case for the kino, instead of a new bloody iPhone thingy.

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