Shoreham Cement Works Shoot


I have never tried an actual modeling shoot and fancied giving it a go. I had also just been introduced to a website called 28 Days Later. This website is for people to post shots of their urban exploring adventures. The idea is to gain access to forgotten sites those that are run down and disused, and take photos. The buildings are like a time capsule of the day they were shut.

So combining these two, I picked an old cement works in Shoreham to be my backdrop.

Looks cool hey? It was a creepy place to be at. Next step I needed a model. I have a friend by the name of Newton, Newtdog, Ads, whatever you want to call him, the guy is a legend. He would be up for anything. This guy got naked in a beer tent at Glastonbury. Not that unusual, but it was Thursday lunchtime, bands had not started and most people weren’t even there yet. He is a legend and can often be seen working the pubs wearing a “Me and my tiny penis are going raving” t-shirt.

So we set off to Shoreham and when we arrived we were greeted with a reminder of just how creepy this place can be. Readers meet crack fox. It made me think it wasn’t just cement they were making here.

Credits: welland

After a quick morbid shot of crack fox we headed down to the main buildings.Unfortunately, as it was mid day and on a busy road, gaining access was pretty tricky. We walked up a path and saw some guy staring at us from his house. So we came back down and crossed the road to site no.2, which is not boarded up and is just as freaky.

It was all a bit strange and we were getting jumpy. I had decided to pick up some props for the shoot in the way of a gas mask. We were also going to basketball practice straight after the shoot so we were all wearing joggers and had a basketball as an extra prop.

Credits: welland

This is me looking for the right backdrop and setting up my cameras. A Zenit E loaded with slide film and a Lubitel 166. I was still nervous to use the Lubitel so I wanted to make sure that I knew what the light was doing and shadows were at a minimum.

Onto the shoot and the results. We were there for all of about 10 minutes before we hear sirens coming our way. It was a busy road so could of been for anyone but either way that led to a swift exit. Below are a couple of the shots but if you would like to see any more please visit my lomohome.

Credits: welland

I’m annoyed as the best shots came from the Zenit. The backdrop looks awesome, the problem is the obvious lack of focusing. That is lomography though! This camera is very old, and you need to learn it and not trust it at the same time. What you see in the viewfinder may not be what you get. A lesson learned.

Credits: welland

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Spooky place. I would have taken someone to watch my back. :D

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