Marcus Levine's 'Nail Art'


No, we’re not talking about nail polish twee art, we’re talking about hardcore hardware nails. Like where Bon Jovi would sleep on after laying you down on a bed of roses. Artist Marcus Levine makes these fine pieces of artwork by hammering about 15,000 nails on a wood panel. Pictures after the jump…

Photo via Designboom

Marcus Levine’s amazing artworks are done without any sketches or tracing, he memorizes the images in his head and meticulously hammers every single nail in the right place. These nail art pieces look like 3D pointillism.

Photos via Designboom

I can’t help but be impressed each time I think about the amount of time, effort, and dedication that go through each piece. Here’s a video coverage by BBC where he talks and explains the process of his work.

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    The scope is seems daunting

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