Giant Sprite Bottle Christmas Tree


Don’t you just hate it when you have like 40,000 empty plastic Sprite bottles and no idea what to do with them? Well, the people of Lithuania had this idea of turning them into a ginormous Christmas tree. Let’s check it out!

Photo via Feeldesain

Has anybody seen Citizen Dog? The girl in the movie started cleaning/collecting used plastic bottles in order to help save the environment. She became obsessed with it and had way too much that she didn’t have enough room to store all of them. She had so much that it started to become a mountain pile of plastic bottles. Here are a few stills from the movie:

This Christmas tree project somehow reminded me of that movie. This year, the people of Kaunas, Lithuania presented a different city Christmas tree. Going environmental this year, Jolanta Smidtienė had this idea of recycling empty Sprite bottles and connecting them using cable ties installed on steel frames. They used a total of 40,000 bottles. Here are some pictures:

Photos via Feeldesain

Jolanta said that she wanted to show everyone how each of us can make something beautiful out of things that most of us regard as trash. And most importantly, it helps save trees and nature.

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  1. puly
    puly ·

    The best part of this Christmas tree is it's interior - it looks totally amazing! Really happy that my hometown is mentioned here :)

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