A Christmas Tradition: Sitting on Santa’s Lap

Every year, parents bring their little ones to see Santa Claus. This has been a running tradition for many years now. Learn more about this tradition and view some photos of children with Santa Claus after the break.

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Kids of all ages always look forward to meeting jolly St. Nick and telling him the gifts that they want to receive for Christmas. This has been a long standing tradition. Most Christmas parties have a person dressed up as Santa in order to give joy to the children, and in some cases adults as well. Malls also provide an opportunity for kids all over to meet and greet Santa and his elves. Kids line up with their parents and take turns telling Santa Claus their wishes for Christmas. After this, they get a photo with Santa Claus as a souvenir.

Meeting Santa Claus face to face gives the children delight since Santa Claus is a big part of the Christmas tradition. They believe that Santa Claus grants their requests if they have been good for the entire year and some even write him letters. Let’s take a look at some photos.

Here are some photos of children sitting on the lap of Santa Claus:

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Here are some photos from our community:

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The information for this article was taken from The North Pole and Orlutheran.

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