5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Anirban Deuri

In this series “5 Questions on Analogue Photography with…” we send out the same set of questions to photographers. This time, Anir from Delhi, India. answered these and sent along a selection of his work.

Name: Anirban Deuri
Occupation: Information Specialist for a Research Firm
Country: India

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am a socially awkward 20-something dreamer and I am quite happy if my life has an easy-go flow to it. I love movies, music, manga, and of course photography.

2. Why do you still shoot analogue?

There is something very personal about analogue. The whole process, from loading the film on to the camera, clicking the pictures and then finally developing them that gives me so much joy. And of course, nothing beats the excitement of finally getting to see if that shot you took came out the way you expected or better. After all, a surprise party is not as much fun if you already know about it.

3. What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?

In my backpack you can expect to find the Diana Mini or my Olympus Superzoom 800 along with a spare roll of film. I am always on the lookout for films and can’t resist buying one if I find a good bargain. I tried carrying the Lomography Colorsplash, but I got stopped at all the metro and mall entry points because of its unusual shape.

4. Share a trick of yours that will always result to a great photo.

I really enjoy long exposures. Many a times a steady base and bulb mode have often gotten me good pictures.

5. Who are the photographers that influence your work?

I find the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson really inspiring. Among contemporary photographers I really like Marc BB and Natsumi Hayashi although they are more of conceptual photographers.

Thanks to Anir for taking the time to answer these questions!

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