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Looking to get a special gift for your pal or loved one but not sure which one suit them best? Read the gift suggestions from our Malaysia community members and be inspired to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Warm somebody’s heart by sharing the analogue love this Christmas season!

Photo by eastmoe

Your Name: Iskandar Ahmad Rodzai
Your LomoHome: eastmoe
Your gift choice: Lomography Fisheye No.2 I Love You - I Love Lomo Edition
Who will you be gifting: My wife
Why the gift: As for me, I would choose Lomography Fisheye No.2 I Love You (I Love Lomo Edition) as a gift for my wife. I really love the colour combination with the big red heart on the lens cap, it shows my true love. Moreover, the camera is easy to use and live with! As an analogue lover, it expresses my strong affection and passion not only to my wife but also to the world of lomography. Both of them are important in my life – my circle of life revolves around her and film photography. It would not be complete without one of them. Towards this end, our moments together are captured in an unpredictable and unique way, also the journey towards the rest of our life.

Photo by jawatembak

Your Name: Iwan
Your LomoHome: jawatembak
Your gift choice: LC-Wide
Who will you be gifting: My Boss
Why the gift: I am too stingy to give gift to people. But, if i had to give a lomographic product as a gift, LC-Wide would be my choice. My boss a.k.a My mentor only uses Leica. I know, arrogant right? So i hope he gives the camera back to me after he has mastered it. So i will get the camera and the ‘living’ manual.

Photo by funfun

Your Name: Siok Fun
Your LomoHome: funfun
Your gift choice: LomoKino
Who will you be gifting: My boyfriend
Why the gift: I would like to give my boyfriend a LomoKino. He already has a few analogue cameras but not a movie camera yet. He always takes great pictures with his analogue cameras. I believe with his creativity, he will be able to come out with some stunning short films with LomoKino. Actually there is another reason for choosing LomoKino. I hope that I’ll be his muse of inspiration, not only in photographing but films making as well. Well, who doesn’t want to be the apple of his/her lover’s eyes, right?

Photo by bulletofmine

Your Name: Muhamad Akmal
Your LomoHome: bulletofmine
Your gift choice: LOMO LC-A Big Book
Who will you be gifting: My twin brother – lomoloque
Why the gift: LOMO LC-A Big Book is an awesome gift to them, because through the book they will have better understanding about the roots of lomography, and where the hell is actually the term ‘lomo’ is used. The book contains so many useful information as it allows the readers to feel the excitement from the constructions of the lens, the mechanical , and the experience of the user. To me, the book can fill their space time because this month is a holiday month, so it is suitable for them to not wasting their precious time. Let them explore and learn the LOMO LC-A formally!

Photo by lannshaukani

Your Name: Lann Shaukani
Your LomoHome: lannshaukani
Your gift choice: Fisheye No. 2
Who will you be gifting: My fiancée (getting married on 30hb Dec 2011)
Why the gift: Since my fiancee knows nothing about analogue photography, so Lomography Fisheye No. 2 will be great for her to start her Lomographic journey. Because Fisheye No. 2 is easy to handle, compare to the other lomographic products. Fisheye No. 2 has multiple exposure feature, bulb mode and hotshoe to attach a colorsplash flash! With Fisheye No. 2, she doesn’t have to think about focusing, she can just “don’t think, just shoot!”

Photo by tomkiddo

Your Name: Chan Teik Quan
Your LomoHome: tomkiddo
Your gift choice: Lomo Notebook
Who will you be gifting: My brother
Why the gift: I will get my brother a Lomo Notebook for Christmas because first of all, I am broke and second, he is a writer. Since he is a writer, gifting him a Lomo Notebook would be ideal. The notebook is cheap, stylish and it is what my brother needs. It is a win-win situation!

Photo by cutebun

Your Name: Sherre Pui
Your LomoHome: cutebun
Your gift choice: LomoKino
Who will you be gifting: My cousin, Amelia
Why the gift: LomoKino is a very interesting camera and I think it would suit Amelia perfectly because she loves recording her life with photographs and with a LomoKino, it would be better! My cousin is a creative person ever since I know her, she does DIY, creative drawings, artistic photography. She is also my best friend and so giving her a LomoKino means she can make films of us enjoying our outings! I really hope Lomokino will bring joy and fun to her life and document her interesting everyday life. More importantly, this Christmas can be extra special with a LomoKino recording our family time together with other relatives to celebrate Jesus’s birthday with joy and love.

Photo by jetnz81

Your Name: Chow Chiun Jet
Your LomoHome: jetnz81
My gift choice: LC-Wide
Who will I be gifting: My Father
Why the gift: If I was asked what gift I would like to give to one of my loved ones, it definitely will be my dad, and it would be a LC-Wide. As you know LC-Wide is the new symbol of Lomography. Dad always is my teacher since i started in photography, even though he didn’t touch his Nikon FE10 for more than 5 years. When i suffer some photography basic knowledge, such as shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, he will be there to help me. I have been wondering what kind of photo will he take if I borrow my LC-A+RL to him. This is quite easy for my dad and he just have to keep clicking the shutter button to enjoy photography again. I really can’t wait to see the photo of “Father and Son” partnership. Sure this partnership can keep us a sweet memory.

Happy hunting gift and have a joyful Christmas this year! Ho Ho Ho!

Photo by icuresick

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