A ‘Farm’-ing Trip Down South

A journey full of bliss and peace within the greens of a farm. Truly an experience hanging out with sheep and experiencing farm life in Johor. I was literally in the UK but figuratively in Scotland when I visited the UK Farm. Located locally in Kluang, Johor, this place is heaven for those who wish to escape the hectic urban lifestyle.

The most memorable experience was the breeze, the greens, and the beautiful blue skies, which were complemented by the sights of active sheep running around the vast green fields. What a sight and what an experience. I really felt the peace when I was there. Truly amazing!

Undeniably, it was another awesome trip that was full of discovery! The peaceful environment was pure bliss. For those who are seriously considering escaping the pressured life of the city (at least for a while), I seriously recommend this place. And it definitely deserves a second visit!

UK Farm

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