Urban Adventures in Queenstown Old HDB Estate

Trying to recall how your childhood estate looked like? Queenstown’s Old Housing Estate can probably be the one reviving your memories!

Queenstown is named after Queen Elizabeth to mark her coronation in 1952, and is also the earliest housing estate in Singapore, thus explaining its old buildings. The estate which is a stone’s away from the Queenstown MRT station has been ordered to be enblock to make space for new developments. However, there are still some residents who are still staying there, rejecting the compensation, so the estates are still there for us to go and visit!

There are many interesting details in these blocks, where you can see funny vandalisms and very rundown doors with very old fashioned gates. There are many old furnitures along the corridors, which resemble those of our grandparents who used to have it in their house, which is very heartwarming! My friends and I got tired after climbing a number of blocks, and we headed down to a hawker center, which has this very famous stall for their heavenly avocado milk shake.

There are also many nice patterns and textures for some abstract/still life pictures. Of course if you are lucky, you’ll find some cute kitties to play and take pictures with! There’s also a group of pigeons, we stomped our feet hard for them to get startled and snapped just as they took off!

Queenstown is nevertheless a gem for those who love to take abstract or still life pictures! Remember to grab a serving of the avocado milkshake as well while you’re there.

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