Simonstown: Where the Penguins Play

If you are wandering around the cape peninsula, make sure that you stop and take a look at our penguin Colony down at Boulders Beach. Many people don’t realise it but Capetown is home to the jackass penguin, at about 40cm high, these little guys are too cute to miss.

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Boulders Beach is the specific beach in Simonstown that allows you to go swimming with the penguins as they duck and dive among the waves. Boulders Beach gets its name from the many boulders that surround and protect the beach. The penguins get there name as they make the same noise as the jack ass donkey. Yup, you will only believe it when you hear it.

The area surrounding Boulders Beach has become a permanent penguin haven as the penguins who mate for life always seem to come back to their very own mating spot each year. The little ‘houses’ are all numbered so that it is easy to monitor those that return or those that have moved on.

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The number of penguins in the region has decreased over the last couple of years as they move with their food and as the fish move location so do they. However, there is still a fairly large colony that has remained and entertain all those who visit them.

This is just one of the highlights of Simonstown. Others include visiting the statue of Just Nuisance the Great Dane who overlooks the harbour; he was the first canine to be inducted into the royal navy in 1939.

The town itself is small and is home to a variety of quaint colonial architecture and friendly people, there are a couple of museums and some wonderful surrounding areas. There is also a troop of baboons that reside in the hills by Cape Point, so beware when stopping to look at the glorious views where the two oceans meet as these baboons enjoy getting into your car and finding any snacks, they can whilst you rush to get out – luckily, there is a group of ‘trainers’ that are solely responsible for keeping these guys out of trouble.

Credits: nicx

This area of the cape is great to go to for a trip anytime of the year and is nice and warm during the festive season, however, if its penguins that you are looking to see, make sure you time it after their breeding and malting season so you can have your chance to see some penguin culture and play with them!

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