A List on...Lists!

These aren’t just any old lists. They may be old, but they are famous…their creators are anyway! Song-writers, movie stars, and all those in between, are featured. From grocery lists that may not mean much to the humble beginnings of now hit-songs! In both scrawled, and printed ink, the variety will keep you on your toes!

Inspired by the Lists of Note blog by Shaun Usher, whose desire is to feature the most ‘notable’ lists he encounters, from all over and from all times! Of his creation, Shaun says “I hope [it’s], far more interesting than it sounds.”

In order, the lists shown in the images above, are penned or typed up by the following notables: James Dean, Francis Ford Coppola, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Walt Whitman (x2), Eero Saarinen, and Edmund Wilson.

The above collection is humorous (Johnny Cash’s “Kiss June…Not kiss anyone else” is sweet, and also funny given the overall tone of the note that serves to remind the singer to do the most basic of things, such as “pee”), yet also tragic (James Dean’s note is a set of instructions on how to care for his new cat Marcus, which he wrote up the night before he drove to Salinas, California, the infamous site of his fatal car accident).

More than anything, the lists serve to humanize the larger-than-life, celebrities as (I don’t know if this is true for everyone) you can see yourself reflected in most of the run-of-the-mill lists, like in John Lennon’s to-do list, and even some of the more specialized lists, like Edmund Wilson’s list of things that are impossible for him to do. I mean, like the literary-critic, at some point, in all our lives, we have to turn down the common request of autographing works for strangers, don’t we?

Have you encountered any notable lists, in museum display cases or in the back of an old, school (with one, or more notable alumni), spelling book? We would love to see photos or hear about lists that have impacted you!

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