Most Popular Photos of October 2011


Trick or Treat? It’s always a treat to look through lomographic galleries. Take a scroll through the month of Octobers more popular images. Nothing to be afraid of, we promise…

We had a look at every single day to find out which was the most popular, commented and liked, photo uploaded on that very specific day. You will find them sorted chronologically in our gallery. Want some stats? In October, there were 1,037,036 likes and 28,816 comments in the photos alone! Now enough chatting, let’s get to the juicy stuff, plug in some earphones, find your favorite song from that time, and check out the gallery!

Credits: bravebird, earlybird, weidong, lazybuddha, 12_12, warning, sondyy, susielomovitz, joyceyjoyce, jeabzz, ah_sher, emkei, atria007, k_melancholy, albeelee, clickiemcpete, the_dude_abides, disdis, ccwu, tyler_durden, bkspicture & dakadev_pui

Check out the most popular articles from October 2011 and stay tuned for April through December. Check out what happened at the beginning of the year!

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