LomoAmigo Jerome Tanon and His Monochromatic SuperSampler Shots


Jerome Tanon is a 25 year old Onboard magazine freelance staff photographer from France and he is one of our newest Amigos! Take a look at this black and white film photographs after the jump…

Who are you, where are you from?
Hello, my name is Jérôme Tanon, I’m 25 years old and I live in Annecy, France.

When have you started photographing? When it became a profession?
I started photography when I arrived in the alps at age 18, riding almost every day, shooting my friends at the snowpark, for fun. I don’t have any kind of education in photography. Season after season it became more serious, I discovered a true passion in taking photos, and slowly tried to turn it into a job. I had my first parutions in french magazines in 2007/2008, and then it went pretty fast. It is my only money-earning activity for one year now.

Do you have some riders with whom you mostly shoot?
Yeah, my buddies from back then, which some of them progressed on the riding side as well and still shoot with me: Victor Daviet, Ben TJ, Victor Delerue, Gerome Matthieu, Valérian Ducourtil… etc… and new friends like the Pirates, euro absinthe riders, Danny Larsen, Marco Feichtner, Tyler Chorlton, Fredi K, Jules Reymond, Matthieu Schaer, Teo Kontinen, Juuso Laivisto, Janne Lipsanen, Nils Arvidsson…

What else do you shoot beside snowboarding?
I don’t have time for anything else, I do a little street photography when the season is off, other than that… nothing really.

You shoot mostly on film? Why is that?
I started digi of course, and discovered the beauty of film two years ago. I loved it right away, it changed completely my perception of photography. I do so for many reasons: I love it’s grain in black&white, it’s millions of old cameras, all kind of films with weird colors, the randomness, the fact that you have to think before pressing the button… and all the creativity in it.

You have an unique style. Do you have any “philosophy” behind that, or does it just come out naturally like that?
I didn’t know that ! ah ah ! I don’t really have a philosophy, i’m just trying one by one all the different techniques possible, in a forever learning process. I try to let my mind go free and forget all the “rules” of snowboard photography, but it’s hard. I also like the “authenticity” that comes with film, for example I HATE to crop my photos, and almost NEVER do it. I’m a framing freak. I would say that besides personal works, my ideal is photo-journalism, to get as close as possible to the feelings, the actual emotion of the scene, but it’s really a dream ! It’s like a limit you can never reach.

Open mic?
First, a thousand thanks to all my family and friends, riders, filmers, video productions & magazines, for supporting me with trust. Thank you.

You may find more information on Jerome Tanon on his website at jerometanon.com.

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  1. george97
    george97 ·

    I love action shots in Black & White! it makes them have an EPIC look !

  2. george97
    george97 ·

    I love action shots in Black & White! it makes them have an EPIC look !

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