LomoAmigo & Upcoming Filmmaker Afiq Omar from Singapore Shoots With the LomoKino


We’d like to bring upcoming filmmaker / photographer / designer Afiq Omar to your attention. This multi-talented multi-tasker spent some quality time with the LomoKino, let’s hear his thoughts and check out his very unique short analogue movie!

So, let’s kick this off by telling us about yourself!
I’m a student at the Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media and I major in Visual Communications. I started digital photography about 5 years ago, and got extremely bored until I bought my first film camera, and that sparked my interest in photography again.

Tell us about the funniest / weirdest / most fun experience photography experience you’ve had!
I shot a gig once for Delphic at Zouk Singapore using a film camera on expired Lomo films that my friends passed to me. Cross processed them and got amazing results which I never expected could happen and that really got me started in nightlife/gig photography!

Why do you love photography, and shooting on film?
The freedom of creativity that you have. I’ve never liked being in a stifled environment, and being able to work and produce something that, from start until finish, held every essence of the very person you are, was very intriguing for me.

What was your LomoKino experience like?
It was extremely fun! I went out with 2 friends and we took turns to shoot a roll of film each! Not knowing how the results would appear made it more fun, it made everyone appear on the same playing field.

What was your inspiration for your LomoKino film?
I really wanted to create an experimental short based on rhythmic movements and beats of a musical piece. I started out choosing the music first, and then crafted the film based on intuition and feel.

Afiq’s LomoKino film Sans Soleil

Do you have any advice for shooting with the LomoKino?
Good light is key! I had to discard some footage because we were shooting at dusk and lost a lot of light towards the end.

You are also a designer. If time and money were no issue, how would you customize the design of your LomoKino?
Would love to have a metal crank to make it much sturdier, and also a handle at the bottom to hold it steady while cranking. Other than that the vintage design surely appealed to me the first time I laid my eyes on it!

What inspires you?
The environment that I was brought up upon is a tremendous source of inspiration for me. I’ve never really had a taste of what the good life is, and always saw my parents as hardworking people working towards their goal of fulfilling their children’s need for a strong education.

Check out Afiq’s short documentary film Comfort that recently showed in film festivals in Singapore and overseas, starring and dedicated to his father

If you could shoot any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
My late grandfather, because I never got to meet him and because everyone tells me he had an extremely distinct character and was a good actor!

If you could give the LomoKino to anyone in the world to shoot with, who would it be and why?
I’d give it to 5 kids in Bandung who live in the slums of Cibuntu and allow them to shoot freely on their own for a day. Collect the footage, and create a film through their eyes.

Some of Afiq’s previous work:

Check out more of Afiq Omar’s work over at his website!

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  1. greenem2
    greenem2 ·

    Dude this is awesome, I loved Comfort!

    I am an american who grew up in Singapore (lived there 12 years) from 94-06 and I have since moved back to the US. I am concerned because I saw your video a few days ago, and after returning today to find it, I searched "afiq omar" in the field on lomography.com and it came up with 0 results, I luckily continued searching until I found you. Just figured you should know! Keep on rocking!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Afiq Omar, I'm interested about this Cibuntu people. I live in Bandung but never been there. As far I know Cibuntu is well known for their tahu (tofu, food from soy bean). Can you tell me more about them? By the way what is your lomohome name?

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