Urban Adventures Outside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

A fruitful afternoon wandering outside the Tooth Relic Temple opposite Maxwell Hawker Centre, which holds many surprises and new things at every roundabout.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is built to resemble a Tang Dynasty structure to house the tooth relic of the historical Buddha. It may seem that the outside is more appealing than what’s inside due to the very low light condition. My friends and I decided to walk around the temple and took some pictures of life just outside the temple!

There are many elderly people hanging around outside of the temple. Most of them are chatting with their old time buddy or dozing off on the ledges. It is quite interesting to see and listen to them talk about the earlier days of their lives, the excitement and twinkle that you can see in their eyes!

You could also see people passing by, carrying on with their physical work; running heavy errands by cycling, showcasing their singing talent to the crowd to get some change for a meal or just a regular tourist taking a picture at the front of the temple. We got lucky, we saw a Harley Davidson styled wedding, which is quite a rare sight! You can also take a break at the hawker center just beside the temple for a refreshing drink or snack to fill your stomach!

If you are a sucker for street photography, this is a must-see location in this hectic built up urban area of Singapore!

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