Urban Adventures at Marina Barrage!


Get down to Marina Barrage in the afternoon for a fun-filled afternoon with picnics, card gaming, kite flying, and bubble blowing! Marina Barrage is a dam built across Marina East and Marina South, and has a main structure that resembles somewhat like a stadium but somehow looks like a hurricane. It has a majestic 360 degree view of both the sea and the Marina Bay area!

Upon reaching the carpark, most of us would have noticed the exaggerating amount of kites flying in the air, and that means it is very windy! My friends and I decided to have a picnic session at the roof of the Barrage, and then some get-together card games. This place is totally awesome as the lighting is good at 4pm, when we all draw out our cameras and start taking pictures while eating and playing!

The sunset is visible from the Marina Barrage and is magnificent because the sun sets behind the Marina Bay Sands, which can give a very nice silhouette picture, which of course, contributes a low angle light for awesome shaded/side lighted subject with the wind in hair pictures!

It will be a fun-filled afternoon with your friends and remember to bring a mat to sit on, picnic, and enjoy the windy sunset!

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    A great location for fun and laughter :) "Shaa! ":P

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