Fisheye No. 2 in NZ Fashion Quarterly Summer Edition

This seasons Fashion Quarterly (New Zealand Edition) asks Santa for a Lomography Fisheye 2.

Fashion Quarterly needs no introduction. Their summer edition features a ‘Dear Santa’ page (page 55), and nestled amongst the usual shoes, bags and books; a Hot Pink Lomography Fisheye 2 Camera!

“What? Summer Edition? That’s not right!”, I hear you cry! For all of you on the top of the world, don’t forget, when you have winter, we’re in summer! I wish I had some Fisheye pics to share with you, but the camera is on my Santa list too! So here are some from other lomographers…

Credits: kuryzu, mrrotivlarbac, nessarostia, weedos & gaabi

Superette is one of Lomography’s few New Zealand stockists, a really cool shop in Ponsonby and well worth a visit.

Here’s the full page for anyone interested!

written by adam_g2000 on 2012-01-03 #news #fashion #summer #magazine #fisheye #media #superette

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