A Christmas Tradition: Secret Friends of Dreamland

I think I’ve never mentioned how much I love my job. I am working in the after-school program called Dreamland. Well I won’t go into the details how rewarding is working with children and how exciting and different each day is. I want to tell you about our annual Christmas tradition between Dreamland’s staff.

I know that a “Secret Friend Week” isn’t a great novelty, but I enjoy it a lot. It is a great way to become closer with people you are working with. Each year few weeks before Christmas all Dreamland’s staff members meet up to have a special lottery. Each participant draws a piece of paper with other participant’s name on it. And then the fun begins. This year my secret friend was lovely Hildur. It means that for whole week I had to make her daily life a little better and fun by giving her little notes or gifts . There was one rule – we were allowed to spend 10 Euros only. We had to use our imagination well.

These are the little joys that Hildur got from me :

On Monday I gave her a little tin box filled with sweets. On Tuesday she got a poem. On Wednesday evening she was drinking Christmas tea. On Thursday, I made her a friendly origami deer. On Friday, she got some candy and a wooden heart for her Christmas tree.

I love giving presents. I think it’s my second favorite thing to do after taking photos. Each year I am waiting for this week, just like a child waiting for Christmas. I absolutely and urgently suggest you to have a “Secret Friend Week” at your workplace, school or even home. It’s great fun and rewarding too.

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