Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

The Vigeland Sculpture Park of Oslo covers an area of 75 acres. More than 200 sculptures are all modeled in full size by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. The Vigeland Park is the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist, and is open to visitors all year long.

Vigeland Park is situated in the Frogner district of Oslo. This large park is home to more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite, and cast iron. The sculptor, Vigeland, was also responsible for the park design and architectural outline.

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Among the sculptures in the park, the fountain has the longest history. In the center of the basin, six giants hold the large saucer-shaped vessel where a curtain of water spills down around them. The men, representing different ages, may be interpreted as toiling with the burden of life and vary in the effort expended in lifting the heavy vessel.

The fountain

In the middle of the park is the Monolith Plateau, where the Monolith stands on the highest point of the park. The Monolith is 18 meters in height with 121 colossal human figures carved in one piece of stone. It represents the cycle of life.

The Monolith from the Monolith Plateau

58 bronze sculptures stand on either side of the bridge portraying people of different ages. These include a variety of children, women, and men in different ages, some alone, others in groups. Although the sculptures on the bridge were among the latest Vigeland made for the park, they were the first to be installed.

Me at the bridge :)

The famous little Angry Boy, “Sinnataggen” is among the sculptures on the bridge. It is placed at the center of the bridge.

The little Angry Boy

The entrance to Vigeland Park is totally free of charge and it is accessible by taking Tram No.12 to the station Vigelandsparken, which stops right in front of the entrance of the park.

Wrought iron gates surround the Monolith Plateau and Vigeland Park

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