Vangsvatnet Lake in Voss, Norway


Lake Vangsvatnet sits on the beautiful nature of Voss village. Voss is surrounded by snowcapped mountains, forests, lakes, crystal-clear rivers, and valleys.

Vangsvatnet Lake is named after the place Vangen, the Voss center and old church site. The lake is used for various water-based extreme sports activities. Voss is in the heart of fjord Norway. It is situated on the main road and scenic railway line from Oslo to Bergen, about 100 kilometres east of Bergen. The majestic waterfall Tvindefossen is on the road to Flåm.

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The green valley around the lake is a wonderful contrast to the snow-covered mountains nearby. Voss offers numerous activities in all seasons throughout the year. The ski season is good for both alpine and cross country skiing during winter. Hiking, biking, kayaking, parachuting, rafting, and horseback riding are among the summer activities.

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The Vosso River flows through both Vangsvatnet and Evangervatnet before it empties into Bolstadfjord by the village of Bolstadøyri. The rivers provide various levels of white water, attracting kayaking, rafting, and river boarding.

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The world’s premier extreme sports festival – Ekstremsportveko (Extreme Sports Week) is hosted in June every year.

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