Lomo Lovers Vol. 5: Panoramic Cameras

I wanted to start a monthly flick book for the best of lomography out there! The online books center around themes; the previous installments have already featured the legendary LC-A and LC-A+ cameras, medium format cameras, and multi-lens cameras. This time, the spotlight is on panoramic photos!

Lomo Lovers was started by two sisters who have a passion for lomography and want to share what’s out there to fellow lomographers. We create monthly “inspiration books.” Different cameras, film, techniques, and maybe some specialist features—you name it, we just want to share it. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to these issues; without you the book would be empty!

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This month it’s all about panoramic photos.

Ever since I managed to acquire a limited edition Horizon Kompakt (cream metal casing) I seem to have developed a love-hate affair with it. I love it, but sometimes my shots are over exposed (you can’t change the ASA, or anything for that matter) so what you get is what you get. And yet, it constantly surprises me with some fantastic photos that I never thought were possible…and I just love the loooong shots.

We featured fantastic “inspirational Lomographer” Daz B, and an awesome pinhole tipster by Ky Lewis. But the best part was seeing everyone’s truly inspirational analogue shots!

We had such a great response that we have continued creating the online book. I’m always looking for submissions—after all, I have about 70 pages to fill with great photography every month!

You don’t have to be a veteran, as we feature new lomographers and seasoned ones every month. We just want to share great pictures. You can enter your submission to our Flickr group or email me at nicnocnoo@hotmail.co.uk with your details: shot, name, camera, film, technique etc.

We are constantly looking for great lomographers to submit their work, so what’s stopping you?

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