Urban Adventures Around Harding Road

Lose yourself around Harding Road in the urban city with rows of beautiful colonial houses. Harding Road possesses many beautiful colonial houses, which is a walkable distance from the prime shopping district, Orchard Road. There is only a two-directional way road which gives a very mysterious feel as it is quite uncommon in an established area. There are also fenced up areas, which are topped with rusty barbed wire that gives a feeling of the World War II period.

My friends and I set out to take some photos of this area after coming back from an overseas trip, hearing from a foreign friend about the location, which we locals have not even really heard of! Hahaha! The worn out paint and rusty doors also gave a very old-school feel, emphasizing on textures. The painted unit numbers of the units are also very unique, which gives a very nice mix of exposure! And if you’re lucky, you will find the group of puppies to play and take photos with!

You’ll never regret visiting this area for a beautiful and fruitful afternoon!

written by scrabbyknees on 2011-12-23 #places #lc-a #dog #location #multiple-exposures #doggy #kodak-ektar-100 #nikon-f3 #urban-adventures #doggies #colonial-houses #kodak-epr

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