Urban Adventures Around Raffles Place


Who says an urban city can’t take good Lomography?! Raffles Place is one of the breathtaking locations that one can enjoy taking pictures of especially when it comes to high-rise commercial buildings against the blue sky, all round 360 degrees!

Raffles Place is the prime commercial district of Singapore. Hotels, banks, insurance companies, etc. are a common sight! White collars and tourists roam the area and it’s quite interesting to see them walking around, looking for interesting food locations or landmarks during lunch time. There are however, interesting scenes in the back alleys of some offices that make you see things in an urban area, in a whole new way!

The wonderful architectures around the location is a mixture of buildings from the 1960s and the modern glass surface buildings. It is very good to shoot photos with a contrast of the old and modern times, how fast the area has developed over the years.

Other than the buildings, the other fascinating part of the location is its people. Tourists hold their maps looking up high, finding themselves surrounded by towering buildings all around, staring hard to their maps to identify their location amongst the almost similar looking buildings are very interesting sightings.

There are also confectioneries and cafes located around the area for a refreshing drink and food after a few hours of leg breaking walking!

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  1. touchtone
    touchtone ·

    Hi Scrabbyknees,

    Love your shots but really interested in the title you give to your articles - Urban Adventures. I'm the General Manager of a company called www.urbanadventures.com and we run unique day trips for tourists (and locals) in cities all over the world. However we are missing Singapore! Your little excursions caught my eye as this is the vibe we like to give our Adventurers. How would you and your Urban Adventurer friends in Singapore like to turn your hobby into your life? Get in touch. No joke.

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