Urban Adventures in Singapore's Very Own Little India!

A great insight on life in Singapore’s Little India, which is definitely worth multiple visits! Singapore’s Little India has been one of its tourist attractions for its rich heritage and culture. During festivals like Deepavali or Thaipusam, this location will be crowded with many people rushing to get their last minute shopping or to feel and experience its atmosphere of fun and excitement; walking over the charcoal or having hundreds of piercings from a heavy structure and to walk over a distance.

Other than the festive seasons, life goes on as usual and you’ll be able to see how the folks live their simple life, be it a fortune teller or just sitting down at a coffee house to enjoy a glass of coffee over a few hours. These are the amazing, exciting moments you’ll see and would love to document! You’ll also be able to see it’s old temples and shop houses left from the 1960s, which is quite a rare sight in an urban city.

After the sun sets, another side of the location surfaces. People knocking off from work and heading down for some grocery shopping or a gathering with friends over a meal, making orders from the tailor or making garlands are a common sight. Life slows down the pace and as if time stopped, it’s just that everyone’s so relaxed and taking a break after a day’s work.

Every new trip to Little India will surely give you a much more refreshing experience than the previous trip!

written by scrabbyknees on 2011-12-20 #places #location #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location #culture-street-photography-singapore-nikon-fa-lc-wide-monochrome

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