Basel, Switzerland

Basel is located at the northwest of Switzerland, bordering France and Germany. The magnificent Rhine River flows through the city of Basel. The German Black Forest is only a short distance away across the river.

Basel has the warmest climate in Switzerland with least fog and rain due to its geographical location. It is a very successful economic region in Switzerland.

Flowers blossom in Basel
Huge robot not too far from the train station

The Basel old town attractions are just a short walk away from the Basel train station. The main sites are mostly on the northeast part of the train station, which include the Münster, the Münsterplatz, the Rathaus, the Elisabethen, the Marktplatz, the City Wall Gates, and the Tinguely Fountain.


Elizabethen is the first new Protestant church building, which was built in the 19th century in Basel following the Reformation. The climb up to the church tower is free of charge and it offers great views of the city.

Elisabethen Church

A ring of fortifications around the old city was constructed after the great earthquake in the 14th century in order to provide security for the inhabitants of Basel. There are about three gates that can still be seen now around the city.

The Gates to the Walled City

In the place where the stage of the old Town Theatre formerly stood, there are 9 iron amusing machine sculptures. This is the Tinguely Fountain by Jean Tinguely. The machine sculptures are driven by low-voltage current that spout water as they move.

Tinguely Fountain

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