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Despite its history of being an important historical port at the Baltic Sea, today’s Gdansk Old Town has been shined up and stocked full of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and amber shops alongside with the Burgher houses that line its streets.

Gdansk is a colourful Polish city with beautiful architecture at the North of Poland. Today, it also boasts of its vibrant nightlife. It is well-known for its turbulent history, for being the place where World War II started in 1939, as well as the birthplace of the Solidarity movement.

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The famous Long Street and the Long Market are located at the Gdansk Old Town. The 14th-century Town Hall houses the city’s historical museum.

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The city center was badly destroyed during World War II. Only a few of the beautiful coloured houses at the Long Market remained after the war. All the houses were rebuilt brick by brick afterwards. The Solidarity Museum at the former Lenin shipyards could be reached by walking along the medieval docks. The museum has a fantastic interactive exhibit.

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The year 2011 is also the 400th birth anniversary of Johannes Hevelius, the city’s proudest son and resident. It is celebrated as the “Year of Jan Heveliusz" in Poland. Johannes Hevelius was a famous 17th century Polish astronomer.

Statue of Johannes Hevelius in Gdansk

Gdansk’s main railway station, Gdańsk Glowny, is a beautiful historical building. The train services connect Gdansk with all other major cities in Poland.

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