Financial District: The Memorial and the Occupancy of Wall Street

9/11 Memorial: a great landmark for the greatest city in the world. As 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001, it is important to reflect and remember those closest to us who lost their lives or bravely fought to help and repair our lovely city. The freedom tower is underway yet the memorial ponds have opened to the public for this year’s 10th anniversary. When I was finally able to get tickets a month after its grand opening, I took my LC-A along with me.

Somber yet empowering, it was amazing to see the memorial in action. Every person involved that day has a space. There is even an interactive kiosk where you can search for a particular person, engine squad, first response and so on. Once you find your loved one, you are given a picture and description of the person, as well as where their name is located in the memorial so you are able to pay your respects…quite amazing.

Yet another rumble that has affected this great city has been the famous occupancy of wall street protesters that were quite hard to ignore in Zuccotti Park as soon as you left the memorial. Although you are no longer able to see the protesters in Zuccotti, the Financial District is still the staple attraction for any visitor or New Yorker. The 9/11 Memorial and new Freedom Tower, are constant reminders of how strong our country is as a whole and brings us all together. For location information and advanced tickets visit to the memorial’s website.

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