Flea Market Hannover Leineufer

What’s better than spending a Saturday at the flea market hunting for old cameras and other precious snips? The flea market at the bank on the river “Leine” is one of the oldest flea markets held every Saturday in Germany. From 8am ’til to 4pm, you can go hunting and haggling for bargains or just enjoy the bazaar-like atmosphere.

Since it’s not allowed to sell “new” stuff, there are always a lot of antiques to find. As with every flea market, car boot sale, garage sale or jumble sale, it’s vital to show up early to snag some real treasures.

I go there on a regular basis to hunt for old cameras or just enjoy a chat with the camera enthusiasts among the traders. You can take photos of people haggling and chatting about old or sometimes bizarre stuff. Or you can just enjoy the atmosphere and go sightseeing for the “Nanas”, sculptures by artist Niki-de-Saint-Phalles or the old town of Hannover.

I think this is one of the most atmospheric flea markets I have visited so far. For visitors, it’s a good place to start a lomographic sightseeing day in Hannover!

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