Blast From the Past: Memories Hidden in an Undeveloped Film

Recently, I found a film that I had lost. It had been sitting undeveloped for 6 years. I took it to a lab and this is what came out of it!

I absolutely love analogue photography. It trully is magical knowing there is a film inside your camera that will yield actual images in detail just by havng the shutter open for such a really short period of time. It never ceases to amaze me and despite all the amazing technology we have available to us, as stupid as this may sound, this simple analogue process of taking a picture on film always feels like an unexplainable supernatural magical phenomenon to me.

I started getting into Lomography and analogue photography in general 6 years ago. At that time, I bought an Oktomat and was really excited and in love with it but then one day I lost it. I tried to find it over and over again but eventually it dawned on me that I had probably lost it while I was out on the street and I would never see it again. I couldn’t afford to buy a new one at the time and I ended up never buying another one again.

Then, a few months ago I moved and while I was packing everything to take to the new house, much to my surprise, I found my old Oktomat! I noticed there was still a roll of film inside so I took some pictures until it was finished and I got it developed. By the time I found the Oktomat the film had probably been expired for a few years and all I got – out of a 24 exposure film roll – were 12 photos. Even those 12 photos came out pretty much ruined, but it was still so so much fun to look at them and see my sister, my cousin and some friends. It brought me back so much great memories!

Luckily, in the first two photos of the film roll (above) are my cousin is holding a newspaper and by Googling the cover story I was able to find out the photo was taken around Christmas 2005! Also, there was this photo of the floor of a house me, my sister and my friends used to spend New Year’s Eve at so I’m guessing the rest of the photos were taken between the last week of 2005 and the first week of 2006. The funny thing is nor me nor my friends remember taking any of these photos. The only photo I remember taking is this one I took of a doll, but it came out with major light leakage (6th photo).

The first two photos on the gallery below, I can’t figure out what they are or where they were taken. I must’ve taken them in really poor lighting conditions and the old film degradation surely doesn’t help. I think the first one is a picture of a shelf with bags candy in a supermarket or shop, and the second one seems to have been taken at night. Then somewhere along the way something must’ve gone wrong with the winding mechanism of the Oktomat and I got this picture with a bunch of multiple exposures (3rd photo). Of the ones I took after I found the camera, the only picture that came out was the 4th photo.

It was so cool and wonderful to find pictures from 6 years ago that captured moments I had forgotten about. It gave me a tiny glimpse into the past and I liked it so much that I’m really considering shooting a roll of film and storing it away, only to develop it in 2018 or something! Actually, I think everyone should try doing that :)

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written by carlota_nonnumquam on 2011-12-19 #lifestyle #memories #oktomat #past #expiredfilm #oldfim

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