Most Popular Photos of June 2011


Isn’t it nice to look at summer pictures in the middle of winter? We find it refreshing, or is that just the air coming through the cracks in the window? Either way, after the jump, take a look at June’s most popular pictures.

We had a look at every single day to find out which was the most popular, commented and liked, photo uploaded on that very specific day. You will find them sorted cronologically in our gallery. Want some stats? In June, there were 677,835 likes and 22,578 comments in the photos alone! Now enough chatting, let’s get to the juicy stuff, plug in some earphones, find your favorite song from that time, and check out the gallery!

Credits: ccwu, atria007, jennson, bsmart, bccbarbosa, shoujoai, sondyy, hodachrome, warning, adi_totp, area51delcorazon, cc-in-paris, istionojr, lazybuddha, lereile, kiri-girl, bkspicture, myloveletter, tomkiddo, bravebird, antibiotyx & susielomovitz

Check out the most popular articles from June 2011 and stay tuned for July through December, and be sure to check out past months January through May.

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