LRG's Stop Motion, Start Skating Series


Urban clothing brand LRG released a series of rad stop motion video ads featuring a creative mix of mediums showcasing their team of pro skaters. Let’s check all the videos after the jump…

LRG or Lifted Research Group is a California based clothing brand. They produce clothing and accessories, as well as sporting goods and outdoor equipment mostly for skate, surf, and snowboarding. They sponsor and promote artists and athletes. Last year, they released a series of stop-motion animation ads featuring their skateboarding team. Each video features a common style of collage-type environment but separated by their individual themes which make them awesome on their own.

Here are the videos together with the featured pro-skater

Tommy Sandoval

✘ Vimeo:

Billy Marks
✘ Vimeo:

Tom Asta
✘ Vimeo:

Felipe Gustavo
✘ Vimeo:

Andrew Langi
✘ Vimeo:

Chico Brenes
✘ Vimeo:

Jack Curtin
✘ Vimeo:

Karl Watson
✘ Vimeo:

For more info on the brand, you may visit their website.

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  1. mrbird94
    mrbird94 ·

    Chico's is my favorite

  2. dannyedwards
    dannyedwards ·

    love these, good to see chico brenes is still ripping it up, he hasn't changed at all in 15 years!

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