3 Christmas Symbols and Their Meanings


Every year, we decorate our homes with lights, ornaments and other items for a festive mood. Do you know what these Christmas symbols mean? Let’s find out!

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Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree is one of the most popular symbols used during the Christmas season. Each year, families purchase fresh or artificial trees that they display in their homes. What does the Christmas tree symbolize? The Christmas tree originated from Germany in 1521. Back then, they only put up plain trees. It wasn’t until the 19th century that putting up adorned trees every Christmas became a tradition. It is said that evergreen, which is typically used, is a symbol of rebirth. The colour green also represents new life. And since the leaves of the evergreen are green throughout the year, it symbolizes hope too.

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Santa Claus
Santa Claus is not based on a fictional character. There really was a holiday gift giver named St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas had a wealthy background but he was orphaned when his parents died of the plague. There are plenty of stories about his generosity, especially to children. He would drop off bags of gifts through windows or chimneys. St. Nicholas was a priest and later on became a bishop. After his death, he was declared a saint and his story was incorporated to the Christmas season.

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Hanging Christmas stockings by the fireplace has been a long running tradition. According to stories, St. Nicholas gave three sisters pieces of gold. The sisters hung their stockings near the fireplace to dry and so when St. Nicholas dropped the gold pieces, they fell into the stockings. In the morning, the three girls were surprised to see the gold pieces in their stockings. We hang stockings by the fireplace in the hopes of having the same good fortune as the 3 sisters.

The information for this article was taken from Penitents , Rumela and Santas.

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