Lomography Fashion Friend : Katharina Eisenköck


We’ve invited five different personalities to collaborate with Lomography for our special line of Lomography T-shirts!

Katharina Eisenköck comes from the architecture and interior design team of Lomography! Now she’s modeling for our t-shirts, too. When she’s not working, she likes to relax by taking walks with her Diana+ camera.

Please tell us something about yourself.
I’m 23 years old, from Graz and just moved to Vienna six months ago after living in London for a few years studying at Central St Martins College. I’m some kind of ‘interior architect’, but also a furniture designer and have always been keen on photography.

What’s your own definition of Lomography?
Photography we can use to express ourselves through imperfections.

How did you discover Lomography?
I was always aware of what Lomography was doing since I was studying furniture design in Graz, but my interest developed more at Central St Martins where it was popular among students there. Since then I started to use the cameras for fun and I guess my love affair continued from there…

If you could create your own Lomographic camera, what would you name it and what would it be like?
It would be interesting to design a camera without the camera stereotypical looks. Maybe put the lens in some sunglasses and you could walk around clicking a button in your pocket and taking a snapshot of everything you look at…. although I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to design that. I guess that’s taking the question to extremes, but I’m fine with that. As for the name, I guess that would have to be something cooler than I can think of right now!

Ok, here comes the cliche deserted-island question. Which Lomographic camera would you choose if you were stranded in an island?
It would have to be a Diana+ camera with a Polaroid back, that way I can look at them to ease my boredom while I’m stranded forever…

As a spatial designer where or who do you get your inspiration from?
As a spatial designer I get inspiration from old images, old traditions, old times. Generally I like to create things which feel a little bizarre.

A day in the life of Katharina would be:
Well to take today as an example, I’ve been walking through London, drinking coffee, taking some photos with my Diana+ camera and generally people watching. But that’s quite a relaxing day, normally I’m living the designer ‘stress’ life.

Name three things out of your wishlist.

  1. An old Leica M6 camera
  2. A cottage in England
  3. A Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Recommend something good!
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Any last words for our Lomographic community?
Keep taking photos, don’t give in to digital, and anyone who thinks they know how to design a camera in your sunglasses, let me know… ;-)

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