Bienvenidos! Welcome to the New Lomography Gallery Store Rio de Janeiro!


After a long wait and a fun competition on our Facebook page, we welcomed the cariocas lomographers at the Lomography Gallery Store’s new adress! See some behind-the-scenes photos and come visit the shop soon!

A lot of people tried to unveil the mystery of what the new address of Rio’s Gallery Store would be and as the days went by, the tips we slowly hinted on our Facebook page gave our dear Lomographers clues, until Thursday when the news exploded on its whereabouts!

369 Barata Ribeiro Street in Copacabana!

By afternoon, a lot of people dropped by, curious to go inside. But of course, we wanted it to be perfect for the grand opening party. So for a few more days, the staff worked on overdrive in preparation! See the behind-the-scenes shots below:

Then, it was PARTY TIME! A lot of people showed up, to drink a little, to small talk, and to get to know the new space for everyone who enjoys analogue photography! On the day of the party, we also celebrated two years of Lomography in Brasil!

If you were at the awesome party, or played the game to discover the new adress, leave us a message on the comments below! Share your photos if you have some!

A huge hug to all of the Lomographos in Brazil! Welcome! Bienvenidos!

written by caioantunes on 2012-03-21 #news #brasil #rio-de-janeiro #rio #lomography #gallery-store #festa #copacabana
translated by luraksa

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  1. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Congratulations Cariocas!

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