The Colours of Christmas: Nature's Snowy Blanket

My love for winter is mostly influenced by the snow and Christmas season. As a kid, my mother used to read poems to me while we enjoy the crisp air and the white snow. Here are some poems that I wish to share with you.

I love love love winter. Mostly because of the snow and Christmas. When these two components combine, I feel like a little girl again. Back then, I lived in the old tiny house surrounded by trees. My mother and I used to take long walks in the park just across the street. I wore red mittens that my mom knitted and my cheeks matched their color perfectly. My mother used to tell me little poems about winter and Christmas while enjoying fresh air and white snowy park.

Alas the poems I want to share with you are in Lithuanian. I found several poems in English and I hope they will represent the spirit. They will be accompanied by photos of winter.

Winter Walk
By: Aileen Fisher

I like the days in winter
when paths are packed with snow
and feet make creaky footsteps
wherever footsteps go,
I like days in winter
when snow lies soft and deep
and footsteps go so quietly
you’d think they were asleep.

Millions of Snowflakes
By: Mary McKenna

One little snowflake falls on my nose.
It makes me shiver from my head to my toes.
Two little snowflakes get in my eyes.
Blink! Blink! What a surprise!
Three little snowflakes melt on my tongue.
I eat them up. Yum! Yum! Yum!
Four little snowflakes tickle my chin.
I laugh. I jump. I run. I spin.
I stop, and I put out my hand.
Five little snowflakes softly land.
Snow on the house. Snow on the tree.
Snow on the ground. Snow on me!
Millions of snowflakes in my hair.
Snowflakes falling everywhere!

Each moment is like a snowflake – unique, unspoiled and unrepeatable. Enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

written by lighthouse_keeperess on 2011-12-17 #lifestyle #holiday-nature-iceland-winter-white-ice-frozen-poems-memories-childhood-lithuania

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