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You’ve already met our diligent Chinese-English translators and now here are our other community helpers from Malaysia and Taiwan: meet lihooi and mouse76229!

Credits: lihooi

Location: Malaysia
LomoHome: lihooi

Your favourite Lomographic camera:
It’s a tough choice! I love my LC-A+ as it has served me well and is always giving me new surprises (being a girl, yes I love surprises!) The thing is, I just got myself a Horizon Perfekt which I had been longing for 3 years! Took a few rolls but are yet to develop. So, my choice of Lomographic camera is gonna be the battle between LC-A+ and Horizon Perfekt. LOL I can’t decide!

What does Lomography stand for you?
Lomography brings a ray of light into my life. It’s when i started to know Lomography, I feel security, confidence and happiness. It’s my religion, I know this sounds ridiculous but that’s what exactly happened to me. :)

A message to the Lomographic Community:
Good to know that we’re in the same community, where we give supports and courage to total strangers! It’s also a platform to learn, in many ways – browsing pictures, learning skills and techniques, reading articles and blogs, keeping up with latest analogue lifestyle and news etc. Spread the love, peeps!

Credits: mouse76229

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
LomoHome: mouse76229

Your favourite Lomographic camera:
I have an LC-Wide but my favorite is Horizon Perfekt. (I don’t have one…)

What does Lomography stand for you?
Lomography is a new style of photography. It’s free to anything and anything is possible in here!

A message to the Lomographic Community:
What are you waiting for? It’s about time to get a Lomography camera and do your best one!

Credits: jcyx243

Location: Singapore
LomoHome: jcyx243

Your favourite Lomographic camera:
My white Diana Mini and its white flash!

What does Lomography stand for you?
A recreational sport that doesn’t involve too much sweating! (Besides hiking to places with beautiful sceneries, of course.)

A message to the Lomography Community:
Shoot on and don’t let language barriers stop you from expanding to the rest of the world!

Credits: roswi427

Location: Taiwan
LomoHome: roswi427

Your favourite Lomographic camera:
The Lomo LC-A+!

What Lomography stand for you?
Lomography is an attitude towards life.

A message to the Lomography Community:
Lomography rocks!

Get to know our Chinese-English Magazine translators here!

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