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From all-time classic, Casaballoona, to the epic Lord of the Balloons, these shorts are bound to have you giggling at such a pitch that those around you will think you sucked in some helium!

Balloons are enchanting but, being the well-rounded, multi-talented, balls of fun they are, they can also be entertaining! And while on the subject of balloons, I decided to share my favorites from the Famous Balloon Movies series.

Lord of the Balloons

Movie via Cartoon Brew

Balloon Travels North by Northwest

Movie via Cartoon Brew


Movie via Cartoon Brew

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s Balloon

Movie via Cartoon Brew

Of course you can see, they are famous films with balloons edited in…or are they? The story behind the series is that they were created in order to be used in a theme park project, by an independent filmmaker. The director thought it would be fun to create something entertaining, using “The Red Balloon” as inspiration. The insertion of balloons, with sound effects, into classic films is fantastic and is comparable to a Dada piece involving the modification of a classical work, like the Mona Lisa!

And, for a special treat, here’s a montage of Famous Balloon Movies, including ones not shown in the original series!

Helium and Celluloid

Movie via Cartoon Brew

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