Most Popular Articles January 2011

They’re popping up all over the internet, lists of highlights and low lights from the soon to end year. We have had an exciting one here at Lomography and now it’s time to reminisce on what’s been happening in the magazine. Check out our most popular articles from January 2011 and relive the good times!

One of the Most Popular Photos from January 2011

So, how was this list compiled? We searched through our extensive database and queried for the articles with the most likes and comments. We were pretty excited to see that in January, the Lomography community liked 8,177 and commented a whopping 4,412 times. From this list, we took one article per day, listed below in chronological order. But enough of statistics, let’s take a look at the articles!

Check out the most popular photos of January 2011 and stay tuned for February through December!

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