Top Shoutbox Users of 2011


So how do you actually say what you want without actually shouting? Well, these people from our Community know it very well and might give you an expert advice on the art of Shoutbox-ing!

They’re at it for the entire year and you have probably came across some of their names – maybe even a few of their random blurbs and rants from the most trivial down to the most factual stuff they can think of. All these are happening on that tiny rectangular corner we call the Shoutbox!

And for 2011, here are the names of those who just can’t get enough of shouting it all at the box!

lighttomysoul (1,723 shouts)
explorette (1,193 shouts)
maxwellmaxen (1,026 shouts)
nicolas_noir (1,015 shouts)
natalieerachel (924 shouts)
saidseni (918 shouts)
awesomesther (855 shouts)
brommi (731 shouts)
susielomovitz (663 shouts)
mephisto19 (663 shouts)
neja (651 shouts)
kneehigh85 (646 shouts)
kiwikoh (626 shouts)
lakandula (594 shouts)
daforl (537 shouts)
emkei (520 shouts)
xxxanderrr (512 shouts)
vicuna (508 shouts)
icomewhenieatcaponata (424 shouts)

written by fookshit on 2011-12-29 #news #community #best-of #recap #2011 #shoutbox

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