Once Upon a Year of Waiting


After more than a year, the painstaking wait of everyone involved with the project has finally culminated. Our rolls of 35mm and 120 films have finally been developed, cross-processed, and printed. Various songs on waiting have been composed and compiled. Nothing wilted. No one withered. Yes – the long wait is finally over!

Whilst We Wait 2010 – 2011: Art by Denver Garza

What do people wait for?

Some people wait to get from one destination to another: like when one waits for the next bus or train ride. Some people wait, everyday, for their 8-hour shift’s end. There are people who find comfort in drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes while they wait for their turn to speak. There are people who do nothing but, instead, they just wait for their turn to speak. Others wait for better days, for a new beginning, for the right timing, or for the Universe to conspire so things could finally fall into their right places. Others wait to see the morrow’s sunrise; others wait for the future’s surprise. Other people wait for other people: someone he or she dreams of growing old and spending the rest of a lifetime with. This person could be waiting for you. Others wait but give up; while the others wait and hold on. Some wait for a short span of time and then, they leave; while some – they stay and wait a little bit longer. Most people (or most probably and possibly all people) wait for, and hope for, genuine happiness. All of us are waiting: for something, somewhere, somehow.
do people wait?*

Why do people wait?

People wait because time (or other people) makes them. People wait because some things are worth waiting for. They wait because they do not want to settle for something less. Some people wait just for the sake of letting time pass by. People wait because there is tomorrow. They wait because they can, because they want to, because they need to, and because they are able to. They wait because they hope. They dream. And so, they wait. These are a few reasons why people wait. These are a few reasons why people are willing to wait.

Whilst We Wait is composed of Denver Garza, Dianne Delfin, Francis Ybanez, Geli Balcruz, Gerhard Bandiola, Ivanka HIcban, Jam Licupa, Jenny Bautista, Jimmy Hilario, Joy Asto, Kara Hizon, Lakan Bunyi, Lauren Villarama, Louie Nucup, Rene Nob, Shabby Pablo, Virna Odiver, and yours truly.

Below are some of our film photographs on display during the exhibit: (Note: To view all the participants’ exhibit photos, you may visit their LomoHomes.)

Credits: stitch, blackcoffeeandtantrum, plasticpopsicle, lakandula, sgurd4, renenob, 123sajeepney & jhamiefloatie

We waited and learned.

Last December 10th, we unveiled our year-long preserved film photographs and handwritten letters. Our public exhibition took place at 55 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. The event was presented by Lomography Manila. Lomographers in the metro and analogue photography enthusiasts joined us. There were acoustic sets by local indie bands and a mini bazaar, too. Of course, events like this would be incomplete if there weren’t film photographs taken. Below are some of the snapshots that night, analogue-style:

Credits: morty, blackcoffeeandtantrum, plasticpopsicle & mindyminde

To remember the year of waiting, we came up with a mix with tracks on waiting by the following local artists: Angerbird, The Juliens, My Moonage Daydream, El Explorador, Otis Green, Hannah+Gabi, Slow Hello, Eggboy, Love in Athens.

*You may download the compilation here*.

Whilst We Wait 2010 – 2011: Compilation by Erwin Hilao and Inlay by Erin Emocling

Whilst We Wait would like to give thanks: to Lomography Manila, Fujifilm Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Young Star Philippines, The Art of Waiting; to the bands who played during the exhibit: Hannah+Gabi, Mount Analogue, Outerhope, Slow Hello, and The Strangeness; to the artists who contributed to the compilation; and, most especially, to all the wonderful people who waited with us. Till the next year of waiting!

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    That shot of the Lubitel's viewfinder is ACE !!! congratz for a great project with fantastic results !!!

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