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Michael Stipe, frontman of the recently disbanded group R.E.M., cites Patti Smith as one of the people who influenced his musical career. In 1995, he followed Patti Smith on tour and took some black and white photos. Learn more after the break.

Photo © Michael Stipe via Flavorwire

Michael Stipe is known for being the vocalist and lyricist of the band R.E.M. When he was in high school, he stumbled upon a magazine where Patti Smith was on the cover. Afterwards, he went out and bought himself a copy of Patti Smith’s album, Horses. This was when he decided that he wanted to form his own band. Patti Smith continued to be an inspiration for Michael throughout R.E.M.’s career.

1995 was a great year for the band since they were able to perform with Patti Smith on stage. That same year, Patti Smith was going through a turbulent phase in her life. She lost 3 of the most important people – her husband Fred Smith, her keyboard player Richard Sohl, and her brother Todd. The deaths of these people changed Patti Smith’s perception. As a result, she concentrated more on her writing and stepped away from the spotlight for a while.

Patti Smith got back on track in 1995 when a few close friends, including Michael Stipe, helped her get over grieving and find her strength to continue performing. During the 1995 tour with Bob Dylan, Michael Stipe was there for 2 weeks to capture intimate moments. Below are some of the photos.

Photos © Michael Stipe via Flavorwire

Michael Stipe also released a book containing these photos entitled Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith.

Information for this article was taken from Wikipedia - Patti Smith, Shambala Sun, Ocean Star and Interview Magazine.

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    the cd i won here is SO GOOD!!!!!!!

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    Somewhere in my collection of stuff, I have photos I took of Patti Smith opening for the Rolling Stones in the late 1970's. I will post them if I find them...

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    Dig up the photos Robert Mapplethorpe took of her sometime.

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