Fuji Natura Classica in Daylight Extended Rumble


We all know that the Fuji Natura is known for its crazy low-light shooting capabilities, but what about shooting with it during the day?

You’ve seen the Natura in its full glory with its capability for composing shots in low-light action (with the right film) – now, how’d you like your Fuji Natura shots during the day? Equipped with the Natura’s NP (Natural Photo) mode, it calculates the light that comes into your camera so you don’t need to worry about those pesky over/underexposed shots!

Time to show us those crisp and sharp shots you took with from our Japanese friends at Fuji and you just might win some Piggy Points to help out on the film!

  • Prize(s): 3 winners of 10 Piggy Points
  • Film/Camera Type: Fuji Natura Classica shots only
  • Upload Limit: 5 photos
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height.
  • It would be great to tag your submissions with hearty descriptions as well!
  • By submitting your photos to this rumble, you allow Lomography.com to use your submitted photos for promotional purposes.

written by kazarareta on 2009-04-30 #news #competition #daylight #natura-classica #fuji-natura #natural-photo-mode


  1. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    does that camera produce super sharp pictures in daylight? like the ricoh gr1s?

  2. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-
    -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- ·

    i'm looking forward to see your shots...i don't have this camera

  3. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    I really, really, really want one of these cameras super-badly so I can't wait to see the results!

  4. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    that sample shot is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i still want that camera

  5. trash-gordon-from-outer-space
    trash-gordon-from-outer-space ·

    I still don't get what this camera is all about, but the submissions really do look great. I also like the clean design of it.

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sorry ! Mine is a mistake ! Wanted to submit it to another rumble...Could someone remove it please ?

  7. jeepeng
    jeepeng ·

    wish to see edmund in the winner list! really great NC pic

  8. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    cool pictures, edmund li!

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