Holyrood Park, Edinburgh


The Holyrood Park was a volcanic site, which was active in the early Carboniferous times, about 340 million years ago. Today, it is one of the major tourist attractions even for the locals of Edinburgh.

The Holyrood Park is located at one end of the Royal Mile, right next to the Royal Palace and the Scottish Parliament. It is about a Scots mile (which is about 1.12 miles in the Imperial system) away from the Edinburgh Castle, which is located at the other end of the Royal Mile. Walking through the Royal Mile towards the Holyrood Park is a pure pleasure.

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It is in the heart of Edinburgh city center, but you don’t actually feel like you’re in the city center when you’re in the park. When you walk up to the slopes, you would be able to see the city from the top, and you could also see the ocean from afar. The best view is actually from the highest point of Holyrood – Arthur’s Seat, which is only half an hour to an hour hike from the bottom, depending on your speed.

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There are wild berry trees and some other herbs that can be found along the way and around the area. You could consider picking them during the summer or autumn! I’ve done that many times, I’m not too sure if it’s legal to do so, but I reckon so!

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There are also many swans, namely the Queen’s swans at St Margaret’s Loch. A few benches are provided at that area so if you want a quiet, peaceful, and scenic moment, you could always bring your book and sandwiches there and stay there for the whole afternoon.

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Though the most common access to the park is through the Royal Mile, there are actually a few other routes from different parts of the city which could bring you there. My advise is, look it up on Google Maps and plan wisely! Don’t get lost as it’s pretty huge and sloping! ;)

Credits: lihooi

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