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We’ve invited five different personalities to collaborate with Lomography for our special line of Lomography T-shirts!

Vladimir Petkovic is a multi-tasker. Besides being an actor, he’s also an assistant director, an animation artist, and graphic designer. He also does video and illustration! He has worked for several productions in Vienna and for various companies around the world which included France, Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.

Please tell us something about yourself.
I always rather show than tell things, although i tell them more often.

What’s your own definition of Lomography?
Melting pot.

Ok, here comes the cliche deserted-island question. Which Lomographic camera would you choose if you were stranded in an island?
Krab, I mean, we are talking about an island, so there is water around.

Besides being a visual artist, you’re also an actor and an assistant director. Can you tell us more about your work?
I’m trying to connect different ways of expression, because of that I try things on my own rather than to assume or imagine. It takes for sure hell of a time to be on stage, beside the stage, direct concerts, make homepages, create visuals etc. but i enjoy most of the things that i was doing mostly because of taking the different experiences into the different fields of art and using them for my sake to create the version of my own world that i want to plant into the world around me.

Name three things out of your wish list.
Freedom to express, patience to express, to express.

Who or what inspires you?
Well, really a lot of people, but to name few Basquiat, Cunningham, BluBlu, Leigh Bowery, Spike Jonze, Nneka, Dub FX, Distance etc.

Any frustrating/strange/funny stories that happened while making your art?
Well, once I did a video in train in Serbia and few guys wanted to kick our asses because we blocked the whole wagon and they couldn’t enter inside after waiting for 2 hours outside. But we happily let them in, and told them it was not us, it was the mean conductor. We enjoyed filming the curses of the wild, frozen bunch.

If you could create your own Lomographic camera, what would you call it and where would you get the inspiration from?
I would dig into the history books and find some interesting models that can be transformed into something much smaller.

Recommend something good!
I would go at the moment for the label HYPERDUB, check the new stuff, they rock.

Any last words to our Lomography community?

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