Lomography Fashion Friend : Lucija Grabić

We’ve invited five different personalities to collaborate with Lomography for our special line of Lomography T-shirts!

Lucija Grabić used to be a professional basketball player. In 2003, a full scholarship offer convinced her to put her architecture studies in Vienna University of Technology on hold, and move to Florida for a few years where she took up graphic design. In 2005 she decided to retire from basketball, return to Vienna, and continue her architecture studies.

Please tell us something about yourself.

I am Lucija, an Austrian citizen. I was a Croatian citizen also though. I lived in Zagreb and I’ve also lived in Vienna. In between I also lived for some time in Florida. I am an architect. I used to be a graphic design student. I also used to be Lucija, the basketball player. In between, I used to be a bad high school student, but a good basketball player. I was a problematic teenager, but a ‘nerdy’ university student.

What’s your own definition of Lomography?

PICCCCCS !!!**PP++))&moooreeeeeeeeeeeee

Ok, here comes the cliché deserted-island question. Which Lomographic camera would you choose if you were stranded in an island?

The one that doesn’t need batteries ;)

If you could create your own Lomographic camera, what would you call it and where would you get the inspiration from?


inspir_people vibes

What was it like being a professional basketball player?


Any funny, strange or interesting stories when you were still active in basketball?

Losing a game because of mixing up the baskets… an indescribably bad feeling

Who or what inspires you when you’re working on architecture or graphic design?

All that catches my eye and sense at the same time in a good moment

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, documenting your adventures with a Lomographic camera, where would it be and why?

North Korea Uncensored

What keeps you busy nowadays?

MY go* dam* DIPLOMA

Any last words to our Lomography community?

BE Fast!

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